Random thoughts / first ultrasound.

It’s 11am and today is the day the Lord has made. I keep repeating that as I also recite proverbs 3:5-6 , lean on HIM… not your mind , Lizzie ! I’m uneasy, I’m scared , I’m nervous … let me explain….

Last Thursday I took a pregnancy test and To our surprise , it was positive… here we go again … We are thrilled, and terrified. If you scroll down a few months back you can read about our answered prayers and painful miscarriage in January. My dear husband and I have been trying to rejoice but we also have reservations after the last time and aren’t ready to believe it until we see the baby today. Well, until I see the baby today , due to Covid he is not allowed to come into the facility so that’s tough.

I feel alone right this moment. I know God is here , but I feel alone waiting the 5 hours until my “make it or break it “ appointment . Forrest is at work and I will not see him before my appointment, I have to do this all alone , I want my husband ….. praise God , Jesus promised to never leave me or forsake me , that he will be my husband.

Usually when I blog I try to have more structure. I try to include more scripture. Today I’m struggling with this. Today all I have is “trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding…” today I have fear. Fear Does not come from God , we know this … but God addresses how we deal with fear , so he knew it would happen. Today; I’m on my knees, Help me Jesus.

We will be ok either way. God is still good either way. We are not alone and we are not forsaken. His ways are above ours … We are prepared for the worst and hoping for the best. Thank You , father for this baby. We trust you. Today is the day that the Lord has made and today I’m having a baby in the spring!

Prayers welcomed today. Thank you.

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13 thoughts on “Random thoughts / first ultrasound.

  1. So glad to hear from you. I was beginning to worry.
    Are you on Twitter or the other social media? I’m on both now so please keep me updated.
    Praying for you, Forrest, your animals . And your precious bundle.


  2. Oh, Lizzie, this is such wonderful news! 💖💙 I am and will continue to pray for you, Forrest, and your new little baby. 🙏🙏🙏 So good to hear from you. Nadine Hill


  3. Lizzie!!!! I have missed you. I will definitely be praying for you both. I have no words that can make your situation magically better, but I will be lifting you up, hoping God grants you the desire of your heart.


  4. Congrats to you and Forrest. You are not alone today, God is there and dozens of others are praying for you. Be blessed!


  5. G-d is IN you feeling your pain and loneliness with you. I really feel bad Forrest wasn’t there. It always breaks my heart to see you in so much pain. I do pray the Holy Spirit comfort you right now, for G-d’s glory and your edyfication.


  6. Praying so desperately for you even though we have never met, but your story is so much my daughter’s story that I feel as if i know you. She also has PCOS and has not had a period since she was probably 18 years old. Miraculously, she discovered she was pregnant, only to miscarry days later. She truly thought that was it for her, because to get pregnant once without a period was one thing, but twice? No way! She is the mother of 9 month old twin girls…still no period. Her OB can’t explain it but just laughs. God is bigger than all obstacles! Your life has been such a testimony and my prayer for you is a baby in your arms come springtime (or maybe 2?) 🙂


  7. Sister I LOVE you and Forrest you guys are always in my prayers I pray God is always with you when you feel lonely, lean on Him God Bless my Sisters pregnancy


  8. HI Lizzy. Heard the news and I am sorry. God’s ways are best, but I wish we could understand His reasons. It is heartbreaking and yet knowing God is in control makes it easier to bear. God bless you. Anne


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