Why I left Twitter for good this time…and the aftermath

I would like to start by saying I am so grateful we have the freedom to share Christ on social platforms, we are so blessed ! I met so many wonderful people and believe me , I’ve cried at least once thinking of how many have edified me , loved me and prayed for myself, and others. It’s a beautiful place …. sometimes.

The Lord prompted me last month and I’ve tried to ignore it so let me set some things strait for the body of Christ , who seem to enjoy gossip ..I’ve seen the hurtful things and I forgive you I was never here for attention, I never was seeking it , ever. . My intentions were good, I love the Lord , I love his people, I love those who are not his people as well. I have been wrong so many times , in my posts , I have leaned on my own understanding and when we do this on social media , it’s for the world to see , judge and sometimes hurt others because it’s so “anonymous”

These attacks are fine. GOD fights for me…. and you… why am I addressing them? Because I’m human and we have a desire to be heard and Understood….

Address the rumors Lizzie … …. I’ve received emails from folks and screenshots of “why I left..” and “glad she’s gone” and “she’s a legalist “ “she made the wrong Choice she’s weak” I’m weak? Your opinion will never override God’s calling on my life and his direction…when he says GO I will GO …. I forgive you. No one is perfect and I would encourage ALL of us to not heap up judgement for gossip, slander , lies and hatred. Let’s not lack forgiveness and assume we know others hearts based on the Internet where eye contact isn’t shared and voices aren’t heard. I’m sorry if I ever offended you , I’m sorry if my theology was not perfect or if my idea of holiness (delete Netflix) isn’t yours. I tried to stay biblical at all times .. I believe I shared what I knew best on my time on Twitter , I believe I loved many more than I knew possible … I also believe I could have responded softer , listened more , forgiven more and loved Even MORE.

We are all guilty of everything I’ve named and then some… My challenge to you is to sit before the Lord and ask him if he wants you there (I believe he does want many there !) examine why you are there and if it’s his purpose. It may be! For me, it’s not at this time.

I did not leave for political reasons. I did not leave because of certain people who had it out for me since day one. I left because the voice of my savior spoke lovingly and softly to my heart that he wants me to speak TO him and not ABOUT him on social media … he wants to be with me… and me with him, instead of staring at a computer screen, being offended , and having to forgive people I’ve never met (but love). I didn’t want to make a big to do, I wanted to bow out quietly and pursue my savior and not a computer screen, and yet some won’t let me… again… I forgive you … I want to know his word more and not what someone else says his word is. I want to be in the moment and not be consumed with who’s saying what. We are to edify, and learn from one another… for me personally, I believe the Lord Wants me to do this in person, face to face.

Thank you all so much for the love and prayers so many times. I love you… whoever may read this …. I did my best , failed a lot and learned a lot. Love one another as he has loved us. If anyone would like to stay in contact I can email you.

Love, Lizzie (and the farm)

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39 thoughts on “Why I left Twitter for good this time…and the aftermath

  1. Sorry to see you go but I understand. Twitter is by far the nastiest and meanest place of all the social medias! Instagram is friendly and FaithSocial is Christian Facebook. I just found Ejimoo and it’s social media WITHOUT comments, imagine that!


      1. Hello Lizzie. I started Twitter in2017 and found you there but could not take the hate there and left shortly after opening it for oh about a year I guess before opening it back up. What where the odds that I saw your Twitter account a second time? I LOVE Instagram and have found better friends there then on Twitter with a more meaningful relationship (for me). God spike to me as well about being on social media too much. It just doesn’t replace face to face relationships. I quit Instagram the same time I quit Twitter because I believe ANYTHING out of balance is a sin. I found all my close friends back on Instagram and had made it a point this time to keep my circle small. I will look you up there. I pray God keeps you and you continue to grow in his presence for I definitely see The Holy Spirit light in you. God Bless.

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      2. Liz, I certainly didn’t agree with all of your views, but I think the reason many will miss you is that we all sensed that you weren’t trying to make people happy with your views, but you were trying to please the Lord. There was such an authenticity to you. You were a bright light in a dark place (Twitter). You will be sorely missed.


      3. Hi Lizzie.
        This is clearwater.
        Let me just say you were a breath of fresh air on Twitter. Yes, it is a mean place, the worst I have ever seen in my long experience on the net as a witness for Christ. I have been a witness for Jesus almost as long as you have been alive but you made me question my motives for being on twitter as I have split my time there 50/50 in the Spiritual battle that we all face.
        Now as for being a legalist.
        Let your heart be your judge and not other people because Proverbs 23:7 tells us that we are what we think we are. You have a tender heart for God and anyone can see that.
        Sometimes we question ourselves, this is a part of growing But God started a good work in you and He is not finished nor were any of us saved to be cast aside. God does not make false promises, God is love and mercy and kindness and grace and I have needed that more than most.
        Philippians 1:6 being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.
        Please don’t be hard on yourself Lizzie put a little of that love and kindness you so richly process back on yourself.God{Jesus} gave himself for you and me.
        I say shame on anyone who would condemn you for speaking truth as you understand it to be.

        You very much remind me of……well….Me, when I first was saved so many years ago. That is why you are a breath of fresh air. You make others question themselves and be better people. That is not a bad thing but some see their own evil and lash out like a dog that bites its caregiver.
        Be Strong Be Brave Be Kind. Give those little animals a kiss for ole clearwater.
        .PS I plan on staying until the plug is pulled on my account as I am sure will happen and I will have no regrets when it happens. Yes you can contact me anytime I may be of service to you in any way.
        love in Christ.


  2. All the best to you Lizzie! You are a strong warrior for Christ and I stand with you sister! I hope to still see you here on WordPress. This platform is a much kinder environment and there is good fellowship here. If you ever want to talk or need prayer or anything, hit me up at: rcally7@gmail.com

    I’ll be praying for you and your husband! God has great things in store for you and I am excited to hear about what He is doing in your life! Have a very Blessed and Happy New Year!

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  3. a:hover { color: red; } a { text-decoration: none; color: #0088cc; } a.primaryactionlink:link, a.primaryactionlink:visited { background-color: #2585B2; color: #fff; } a.primaryactionlink:hover, a.primaryactionlink:active { background-color: #11729E !important; color: #fff !important; }

    /* @media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) { .post { min-width: 700px !important; } } */ WordPress.com Dear Lizzie,

    I'll miss you a lot❤Love you very much and I keep praying for you🙏🏼

    Schöne Grüße aus Deutschland😊

    Petra 🙏🏼❤

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  4. I was saddened by your leaving but totally understand, and good for you for listening and following. Your absolute passion has been the biggest inspiration for me. I will miss you and your insatiable zeal for Christ. May God bless you and drive you super close to Him.

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  5. Lizzy, so grateful you and I connected on Twitter. I’m better for having known you on this platform. If possible, I would love to connect with you by email from time to time, and my email is always open for prayer requests. Love ya sis…❤️🙏

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  6. Hey Lizzie

    Mark here, from New Zealand, anyway, my twitter account was suspended for good a few weeks back. First, I was annoyed, but now, I’ve accepted it. I know that God removed me from twitter. It was not good place.

    Hope you have a great new year!!

    God bless

    (New Zealand)

    ps. How’s the vegemite?

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  7. Hi Beloved Child of GOD.. Laurie here.. I am going to miss You terribly.. but there is something about this.. that is so very Awesome.. GOD is going to do a new thing in your life.. I pray you have an Extraordinary, Amazing and Wonderful New Year.. You and your husband.. I am going to miss you Bad and something Fierce!!! Please keep in touch..

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  8. Amen Sister Lizzie you know I LOVE you so much my dear Sister may God continue to discern and minister to you God is with YOU Sister


    1. Lizzie, my beautiful friend..this post is immensely honest, touching and heart felt. It has been an honour to know you throughout this past year. I do understand your decision..and you are correct-Jesus comes first ALWAYS. Please stay in touch. My email address is: dorinabommarito@gmail.com
      Love your friend from Canada. ♥️♥️♥️


  9. Lizard! It’s DC in the Chevy Beretta haha. I am sad yet proud of you. I’ve been on a 45-minute twitter daily diet and I may also go all the way for EXACTLY the reasons you mentioned. Another friend left and is loving life again btw.
    That being said, your blog mentioned some thought you were a legalist. That made me laugh, bc of you are, I’m Clarence Thomas lol. Obedience isn’t very popular these days, it seems. I have an email address and a google voice number I want you to have. Please email or text when you have time. You can use haveacatdontjudgeme@gmail.com or 703-718-6317. God bless you and Mr. Lizard in 2020. Xoxo


  10. How I will miss you sweet Lizzie. Your new faith is such an inspiration and reminder of our first Love. Please take care and grow any way the Lord sees fit. God bless you sister!


  11. I loved your passion and love for people, and even though I am still learning and growing, your theology is pretty much mine. I will miss that on twitter!

    But really happy to see that we still get to read your words, and that your passion for the gospel and people will still be here for the lost, as well as for us to learn from, and to grow from. You were and are an example to many.

    I to have been accused of being legalistic, and what I found is that it is sinners who do not want to face their sin. So instead of admitting wrong, they would rather us be wrong, and that wrong is in the form of being ‘legalistic ‘

    The truth is not legalistic, love is truth and y=truth is love. Never stop loving.



    stay in contact, hit me up. I love disusing Jesus and theology editorofsafrican@protonmail.com

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  12. Hey Lizzie!

    It’s Jake the guy who wanted to interview you! How are you?

    I just wanted to say that I’m very saddened by this turn of events but I understand and respect your decision. I hope one day you may consider coming back to Twitter because you really encouraged me a lot to love the Lord and you are a very strong person in Christ.

    Sometimes we do talk about the Lord but those things follow us outside the screen! I actually made this post without realizing you left:

    I then made this one and sadly I don’t have enough traction to get lots of likes and viewers but that’s what made you so special is that you were able to carry God’s word to many people!

    Lizzie, the reason you have so many haters, is because you are doing the RIGHT thing by preaching about God and Jesus! Never stop doing that!

    Alright Lizzie. I just wanted to say God Bless you and please feel free to keep in contact if you ever need a brother in Christ to talk with! God Bless you.


    Jake Ottomano SOWB Student (631)-681-2126 Suffolk County, NY



  13. Lizzie, in one way, I hate to see you leave, but I know how difficult and vicious Twitter can be. It can be a great platform to reach people and you have done that. It can also encourage trolls and Satan to use it to introduce their twisted platforms and theology. I am glad you heard Christ’s voice and think it is a good time for you to move into other areas. May God bless and keep you. Terry


  14. Lizzie, in a selfish way, I hate to see you leave as I will miss you. I am happy that you are listening and obeying Christ. You have been a light that shines strongly for God and have been faithful. Unfortunately, while you have reached many people, many of Satan’s trolls have come out in force spewing their twisted theology and trying to steal you platform for their purposes. When you held strong with God, they attacked you and your husband viciously. It is time to move on to another chapter and purpose through God. I pray this special year of 2020 will fulfill your dreams of parenthood and continuing to serve God. God speed to you and Forrest and for your most fruitful year ever. In Christ, ebody72. Terry Tincher.

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  15. You will know who this is right away at the next comment. Seek God and listen for His direction for running for the next Governor of California. Forest will make an awesome First Man of California. I think your heart and mind for service might be there. Use Joey in your TV advertising and your dogs and goats too. I real down to earth, grass roots campaign with organic colors and smells for effect. Smiles and hugs and encouragement and support for your next chapter.


  16. Lizzie, I will miss you terribly, but I understand it’s being obedient to the Lord that matters. I’ve always admired your tenacity. You remind me of myself 20+ years ago.
    I’m only a click away at savedbygrace411@gmail.com
    God bless you and Forrest. May He continue to use you in mighty ways!!


  17. Sad to see you leave Twitter, Lizzie, but I completely understand why you chose to do so. Know that you were a blessing to many there (myself included), and thank you for always speaking truth.
    I appreciate you very much and am happy that I can follow your blog on this site!

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  18. I will miss you!!!
    I have little mini breaks. Also hearing from Him as to focus more on Him and I; our relationship, as it will equip me for what is to come. God bless you and grateful I can catch you here.


  19. Lizzie my twin sister from another mother! Sad to see you gone, but blessed to have met you through twitter. My continued prayers are for you and Forrest and may God bless your faithfulness and keep you always grounded in Him. Your brother in Jesus Christ, Ernie


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